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"Come as you are. The only expectations here are your own."

Power Yoga  $14 per person (drop in)

Intense series of postures linked together through Vinyasa (continuous flow). Utilizing ujjayi breathing, muscle, balance, and mind to unlock your body's potential. Performed in high heat because a heated environment increases flexibility when performing power yoga as well as helping muscles stretch more efficiently and release toxins in the body. Overall effects include weight loss, proper body alignment and well-balanced mind and body.

Basic and Beginner Yoga

$14 per person (drop in)

Introduction to power yoga. In basic yoga, both beginners and advanced yoga students will benefit from a slower pace.

Professional Personal & Yoga Training by Certified Trainers

Individual - Individual training can assist you in reaching your fitness/wellness potential by offering  personalized programs.
1/2 hour session - $30
1 hour session - $50

Partner - With partner training, you are able to enjoy the benefits of personal training at a reduced cost, In addition, it can be fun working out with a partner.

1 hour session - $35 person

Group - With group training, you are able to enjoy the benefits of personal training at a reduced cost. Small groups, maximum 4 people, with individual attention!

1 hour session - $25 person


***We offer pole fitness to those who are interested. Call for more information about this opportunity.***


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